Data Visualization with Python

Authors : Ms.Palguni G T and Dr.Thyagaraju G S

Introduction : Data visualization is a powerful and indispensable tool in the world of data analysis and decision-making. In our data-driven era, where we are constantly inundated with vast amounts of information, the ability to transform data into clear and insightful visuals is more critical than ever. Whether you are a data scientist, business analyst, researcher, or just someone curious about the stories hidden within data, this book on “Data Visualization using Python” is your gateway to unlocking the art and science of turning raw data into compelling visual narratives.

In this digital age, data is generated at an unprecedented rate. This data could be anything, from financial transactions and customer demographics to weather patterns and social media interactions. However, data in its raw form often conceals its true significance. It’s through data visualization that we can breathe life into this data, revealing patterns, trends, and insights that might otherwise remain hidden.

Contents :

1Introduction to Data Visualization
2Getting Started with Matplotlib
3Data Visualization with Seaborn
4Plotting with Pandas
5Interactive Data Visualization with Plotly
6Geographic Data Visualization
7Time Series Data Visualization
8Advanced Visualization Techniques
9Data Visualization Best Practices
10Case Studies and Real-World Examples
11Sample Lab Programs