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1. Research Papers

  1. Design and Implementation of User Context aware Recommendation Engine for Mobile using Bayesian Network, Fuzzy Logic and Rule Base
  2. Family Aware TV Program and Settings Recommender
  3. Rough Set Theory based User Aware TV Program and Settings Recommender
  4. Algorithms to Resolve Conflict in Multiuser Context Aware Ubiquitous Environment
  5. Design of Context Aware Recommendation Engine for Cell Phone using Bayesian Network, Fuzzy Logic and Rough Set Theory
  6. Design and Implementation of Context  Program Compiler for developing Context Aware Applications in Pervasive Computing Environment
  7. A novel approach to design and developing context aware mobile phone
  8. A Prototype for the analysis of Conflict resolving Algorithms in Context aware Environment using simulation
  9. Active and Assisted Living: A Comprehensive Review of Enabling Technologies and Scenarios
  10. Ambient Assisted Living: A Research on Human Activity Recognition and Vital Health Sign Monitoring using Deep Learning Approaches
  11. An Adaptive Approach for Preserving Privacy in Context Aware Applications for Smartphones in Cloud Computing Platform
  12. Modeling User Context for Interactive Context Aware TV
  13. Conflict Resolving Algorithms to Resolve Conflict in Multi-user Context Aware Environments
  14. Interactive Democratic Group Preference Algorithm For Interactive Context Aware TV
  15. PhD Thesis Draft : Context Aware Computing in Ubiquitous Computing Applications.
  16. Review on Context-Aware Privacy as a concern in Cloud Environment and IoT

2. Researchers Profile

  1. Dr.Thyagaraju G S Scopus
  2. Dr.Thyagaraju G S Google Scholar

3. Work in Progress