Python Programming: Essential Syntax and Concepts

Buy Book : Amazon Flipkart IIP

Buy Book : Amazon Flipkart IIP

About the Book:

The book titled “Python Quick Reference: Essential Syntax and Concepts” authored by Palguni G T has been crafted to cater to the needs of both beginners and experts. It serves as a concise review guide for placement interviews and university exams, making it a valuable resource for individuals at all skill levels.

Book Contents and Sample Chapter:

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E- Resources of the Book

  1. Introduction to Python Programming Language
  2. Zen of Python
  3. Structure of Python Program
  4. Python Symbols
  5. Python Tokens
  6. Python Keywords
  7. Expressions
  9. Indentation
  10. Statements
  11. Variables
  12. Data Types
  13. Operators
  14. PEMDAS Rule
  15. Operator Precedence
  16. Control Statements
  17. pass
  18. Functions
  19. Types of User defined Functions
  20. Keyword Arguments
  21. Local and Global Scope
  22. Lambda Function
  23. Mapping
  24. Filter
  25. Exception Handling
  26. Built in Functions
  27. List
  28. List Slicing
  29. List Comprehension
  30. Strings
  31. Format Operators
  32. Tuples
  33. Python References
  34. Dictionaries
  35. Sets
  36. Sets Examples and Applications
  37. Set Operations
  38. Sets Manipulation Functions
  39. Reading and Writing Files
  40. Organizing Files
  41. Debugging
  42. Object Oriented Programming
  43. Interface
  44. docstring
  45. init()
  46. str()
  47. Walrus Operator in Python
  48. Match Case Statement
  49. Regular Expressions
  50. Difference between if and if else statement
  51. Difference between for and while loops
  52. Difference between list and strings
  53. Difference between Sets and Lists
  54. Difference between Sets and Dictionary
  55. Difference between Map and Filter
  56. Difference between Method Overriding and Method Overloading
  57. Web Scrapping
  58. Introduction to NumPy
  59. Introduction to Pandas
  60. Introduction to Matplotlib
  61. Introduction to Seaborn
  62. Introduction to Tkinter
  63. Python Tips
  64. Python Tricks
  65. Sample Python Interview Questions and Answers
  66. Top 100 Python Interview Questions
  67. Sample Python Programs
  68. Top Python Programming Questions
  69. Sample Projects
  70. References

About Author :

Ms. Palguni G T is currently pursuing her B.E. in Computer Science and Business Systems at the esteemed Malnad College of Engineering  (MCE) in Hassan. She displays a strong enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge in innovative areas related to Computer Science, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science for Business Applications. Her passion lies in coding and application development, primarily utilizing the Python programming language, as well as various Web Technologies for Business Systems. She has certifications in Python to her credit. She has presented a research paper titled “Emerging technologies for Business Applications – A Review“, in a national conference on emerging technologies.

Book Link: Amazon Flipkart IIP