Useful Generative AI tools for Teachers

  1. Tools for Writing and Searching : To summarize information and identify the most relevant content on specific topics for a course or for academic research, planning lessons, finding ideas for activities and projects, etc.
  2. Surveying and summarizing documents, articles and books : To understand and summarize complex key ideas, analysing and identifying the most relevant content, etc.
  3. Creating presentations : Artificial intelligence (AI) can be useful for turning texts and searches about a topic into slides, inserting images, and creating attractive presentations for lectures, etc.
  4. Audio transcription : For automatically converting an audio file into written text.
  5. Transcribing YouTube videos : To convert video content into written text.
  6. Creating images from text : To create custom images and make lessons more visual and appealing .
  7. Creating videos from text : To create videos from text. 
  8. Programming code : To generate and test code in any programming language based on descriptions, , generate documentation, detect and fix errors, etc.
  9. Testing environments : To run multiple machine learning models, and implement state-of-the-art models.
  10. Detecting plagiarism: To determine whether students have committed plagiarism or if they have used reliable sources in their work.