Toc(X)Ten Quotes

  1. Context Never Dies
  2. “The human mind is not the ultimate frontier, and Earth is not the sole cradle of life in the universe.”
  3. “Context can cast shadows on even the brightest of hearts, for sometimes, good people find themselves unwitting victims of circumstance.”
  4. “Context has the power to transform even the noblest souls into unwitting victims.”
  5. “Nobody can touch the context, but everybody can feel the impact of ‘Context’.”
  6. “Context is a king. Whenever it wants, it can create the ‘Truth’, and whenever it wants, it can delete the ‘Truth’.”
  7. “One day, in my dream, Lord Shiva appeared and advised me to comprehend the principles of Buddha. Since that day, I have embraced self-love and developed an affection for the entire universe.”