Tocxten Contextual Innovations

About Website : Place to share and explore successful design and development stories related to innovative soft and hard products . It also aims in publishing the motivation , experience and strategy adopted by developers and designers for developing their dream products . Even though the main goal of Magazine is to publish the articles and stories but it is not limited to Contextual Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science .

About the Team : Dedicated and committed team of experienced innovators , designers and creative writers determined to present the stories of innovators , their design and products , more effectively.

Topics of Interest :

Artificial Intelligence

Contextual Artificial Intelligence

Computer science

Data Analytics

Data Products

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Computer Vision

Software Robots ( Robotic Process Automation)

Mathematics for Artificial Intelligence

Psychology for AI

Physics for AI



Data Structures

Programming Languages : C , C ++ , Python , Java , C# and Q#

Mobile App Development

Web App Development

Game Theory

Search Engines

Pattern Recognition and Image Processing

Genetic /Evolutionary Computing /Nature Inspired Computing


Computer Network , Cyber Security , Block Chain and Ethical Hacking

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