Face recognition Python

In the Face recognition python article, we are going to build a project using which anyone will be able to detect faces. Have you ever noticed that Facebook automatically tags your friends when you try to upload a group photo? It can identify an individual using their face and this is one of the exciting examples of face detection python. Let’s start building our face recognition project by getting some insights into what face recognition and detection are.

What is Face recognition python?

Face recognition python means the process of matching and identifying a person’s face from photos and videos using python. First, the model needs to be trained with the person’s face then it should be capable of face matching and identifying the person from another image. A good face recognition model should be able to recognize the person correctly even if the face direction and pose is altered in pictures.

A well-known example of face recognition is Google photos, it groups the pictures of each person using face recognition. Since facial Recognition verifies if two faces are the same it is used for security, biometrics, healthcare, personal safety, etc. Beyond just unlocking phones or laptops, the software behind facial recognition applications can accurately identify faces.

The steps involved in facial recognition are

  • Finds the face in an image(Face detection)
  • Analyze and extract facial features
  • Compare the features for the 2 input faces
  • Returns True if face matched or else False.

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