Machine learning is a lot like it sounds: the idea that various forms of technology, including tablets and computers, can learn something based on programming and other data. It looks like a futuristic concept, but this level of technology is used by most people every day. Speech recognition is an excellent example of this. Virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa use the technology to recite reminders, answer questions, and follow commands. As machine learning proliferates, more professionals are pursuing careers as machine learning engineers.

While theoretical machine learning knowledge is important, hiring managers value production engineering skills above all when looking to fill a machine learning role. To become job-ready, aspiring machine learning engineers, one must build applied skills through project-based learning. Machine learning projects can help reinforce different technical concepts and can be used to showcase a dynamic skill set as part of your professional portfolio. Irrespective of your skill levels, you’ll be able to find machine learning project ideas that excite and challenge you.

Machine Learning is one of the most popular emerging technologies in current times. And the best way to learn this technology is by doing projects. Other options like online courses, reading books, etc. only help in understanding the basics of ML, but it is only possible to truly learn the subject by doing projects with real-world data. This article has 100 Machine Learning Projects that you can implement and in doing so, learn more about machine learning technology than you ever did!

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