Methods and Systems for Context-aware Policy Determination and Enforcement

Context aware computing systems and methods are described. In one described embodiment, devices and methods are provided that are context-aware (in one example—location-aware) in that they provide for the application and enforcement of various policies as a function of context. Specifically, various computing devices, through the described methodologies and structures, are able to automatically determine their context. Once context is determined, a collection of policies can be evaluated to provide a resultant set of policies that apply to the given context. The resultant set of policies are then enforced, typically via the device’s operating system. Policy enforcement can involve promulgating new settings or state to applications that are executing on or off the device. Advantageously, the devices and methodologies can adapt the resultant set of policies as the device’s context changes so that the policies can be dynamically determined and enforced automatically as the device’s context changes.

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