Contextual data communication platform

March 13, 2022

Systems and methods for a contextual data platform are provided. According to one embodiment, a request is received from a client at a server. Responsive to the request, the client is caused to display a customized menu structure by transmitting to the client contextual menu information based in part on a resource associated with the request. According to another embodiment, an augmented HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) request is received from a client application. The augmented HTTP request identifies a resource and indicates a desired action to be performed on the resource. Personalization information is identified and extracted from HTTP header fields associated with the request. The personalization information includes one or more of personal and preference information, device information and location information. Then, the content associated with the resource and/or a format in which the content is delivered to the client application is customized based on the personalization information.

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