4 Essential Python Projects for Beginners (with Code!) | 365 Data Science

According to the TIOBE Index for January 2022, Python is the programming language with the highest increase in ratings in one year, making it officially the top choice of employers and professionals alike. In fact, it has become a key prerequisite to landing a job in data science. Luckily, Python is also widely considered the most beginner-friendly programming language out there. So, if you’re an aspiring data analyst or data scientist, learning Python is certainly the way to go.

That said, our job is to make every step of your learning curve easy and enjoyable. So, If you’re still new to Python, then Introduction to Python would be a perfect start. And if you already have some basic Python experience and want to take it to the next level, keep reading the article, as you’ll discover 4 interesting Python projects for beginners – all including code for practice!

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