Introduction to File Operations in Python | What are File Operations

A file is an essential data item stored in one’s computer. Each file can be characterized with its filename & file extension. Python programming language is capable of doing wonders and with time we see a lot of its applications in various domains. One of its wonders handling and organization of files which would save a lot of time for us.

A wide range of functions in Python is capable to cater the need of file operations such as opening, reading, writing, creating files et cetera. In the following guide, we will go through the basic yet most necessary operations which are highly useful during every file handling task.

For performing file operations, a file needs to be opened first. Then follows the necessary operations to be performed by the user on our file. After all the desired operations are performed, the file needs to be closed. Closing a file is necessary as it would save the changes made on our file from the current session.

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