Guide For Data Analysis: From Data Extraction to Dashboard

I have been associated with Analytics Vidya from the 3rd edition of Blogathon. Unlike hackathons, where we are supposed to come up with a theme-oriented project within the stipulated time, blogathons are different. Blogathons are competitions that are conducted for over a month or so where, instead of coding, we need to create technical content on any relevant topic.

After conducting almost 11 editions of blogathons, I think the data analytics team at Analytics Vidya has carefully analyzed the data from the previous blogathons. It has taken some bold steps to increase the overall engagement of the competition. Therefore, we will extract the relevant data from blogathons, take a closer look at the changes made after every edition, some of the articles and blogathon trends, most popular and unexplored topics, and much more insights.

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Information shared by : PALGUNI G T