Automate Microsoft Excel and Word Using Python

Microsoft Excel and Word are without a shred of doubt the two most abundantly used software in the corporate and non-corporate world. They are practically synonymous with the term ‘work’ itself. Oftentimes, not a week goes by without us firing up the combination of the two and one way or another putting their goodness to use. While for the average daily purpose automation would not be solicited, there are times when automation can be a necessity. Namely, when you have a multitude of charts, figures, tables, and reports to generate, it can become an exceedingly tedious undertaking if you choose the manual route. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is in fact a way to create a pipeline in Python where you can seamlessly integrate the two to produce spreadsheets in Excel and then transfer the results to Word to generate a report virtually instantaneously.

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