Python Creator Guido Van Rossum Reviews Popular Programming Languages

The former Benevolent dictator for life, Guido Van Rossum expressed some views about programming languages in a live question-answer session with Francesca, Microsoft’s principle and advocate manager. The founder of Python had a tell-all interview about his programming career that started at the University of Amsterdam. 

In the interview, the Python founder told how he draws inspiration from other programming languages and works on his projects to evolve them. He also elaborated on his first career project in life the ABC language that he said flopped because of no distribution channels which eventually led to no users. He also expressed how he has not been able to adapt to a different language despite his love for languages because whenever he tries to implement the language he ends up saying “I already know how to do that in Python”. It’s like Python is his mother language.

Guido Van expressed his views on four languages and their performance in comparison to Python. He also told the viewers what are the reasons that make these languages interesting.

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