Potato chips recognizer with Google AutoML

Aug 2 Written By Dan Rose Johansen

I have two passions. Potato chips and artificial intelligence. So why not combine those to show how easy it is to build your own AI models? 

I could do that by crafting an AI, that can accurately predict different brands of potato chips. So that’s what I’m going to do here. I’ll show you how you can make your own AI models for your business or for fun. All this without coding.

I built this AI on Google AutoML. By doing that I only had to collect data and upload it to Google that in turn trained the model and deployed it ready to use. If you want a deeper discussion on AutoML you can read my post here.

You might wonder how expensive or difficult it was. Actually the total cost was around 40 EUR and about three hours of work.

The result was pretty amazing. Even though I almost ate the training data before getting started I managed to make a model that accurately recognized the different kinds of chips.

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