Context computing for internet of things

Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (2019)Cite this article

Context-aware computing is an ambient-intelligence environment for adapting to the situations around humans, to their surroundings, and their use of software and hardware. Through IoT-based sensing, context-aware computing connects a variety of information found in the real world to ambient intelligence. A variety of IoT devices, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, wearable devices, smart bands, smart sensors, cameras, microphones, and GPS devices, can be connected with each other to collect context-aware data of the user’s surroundings in real time. Ambient intelligence turns real situations into information, and provides a user-friendly intelligence service using the information. The information from a real situation makes it possible to realize human-oriented decision making through the application of a variety of machine learning techniques, such as feature extraction, learning, and inference. Along with the information collected in real-time, from the underlying data such as user preferences or behavior pattern data are analyzed and learned to achieve adaptive decision-making in consideration of personal situations.

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