Patent : Smart Ring Based Real Time Monitoring of Human Emergency Situations and Providing Services

Internet of Things has set of real world objects that allow for connecting and monitoring the real world objects or things through the Internet. Ensuring personal safety and detecting physical assaults are critically important issues in the real world environment. During an emergency situation, the person has no time to call for helping through his/her mobile phones. In this work, the proposed system provides the real time emergency services to human beings in various emergency situations like road accidents, kidnap cases, health issues, attention toward the aged individuals, person in trouble, women harassment, and explains new or unknown places in the real world environment. It is an integration of two sub-systems like wearable finger ring device system and emergency service systems. Here each service system will communicate with one another for exchanging the information regularly. Finally, the proposed system is implemented in terms of efficiency.  The implemented project work provides special method and apparatus for real time emergency service to needy people. It is an integration of three apparatus, mainly wearable finger ring (WFR) device, smart mobile phone device and four service system for services. This project work provide services to human beings in various situations like, emergency conditions, attention towards aged individuals, health issues, person in trouble, accidents, children and women emergency notifies to parents, relatives, friends & loved one and also provides security services by the service.

Fig. Shows an implemented system.
Fig. Shows an Indian patent published in  12t Jun 2020.



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Authors Details :

Dr.Ramesh M. Kagalkar and

Professor and Dean  R&D Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KLE College of Engineering Technology, Chikodi, Dist.Belagavi, Karnataka, India

Dr. Lokesh Bhajantri

Associate  Professor,  Department of Information Science, BEC Bagalkot, Karnataka, India

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