Patent : Real Time Retrieval of Personal and Medical History Information during Emergency Situation

Time is an important factor, to provide medical assistance, to save the life during emergency. The invented idea and design  provides the personal and fast medical history information (PFMHI) about a patient in a moving ambulance. This PFMHI can be used to cure the victim in a timely manner which makes it easy and reliant for the medical officers to handle the critical patients in emergencies.

To perform this timely task , the proposed system utilizes the following modules :

  1. Biometric matching and identification
  2. Information retrieval
  3. Broadcasting and
  4. Printing activity

The system is trained and tested and found promising . For training and testing , data sets containing the personal details like  patients fingerprint and medical history has been used, along with minutiae algorithm for feature extraction . The matching and identification module extracts feature , identifies and displays personal details like name and address. The patient details are then retrieved by Information retrieval module and communicated to all nearby hospitals, through Broadcasting Module as messages , for assisting doctor and updating in websites . In addition information is also communicated to mobile phones of family members , friends and relatives .

The parent and relative mobile once they receive the alert message they can immediately check the website for the details like : victim situation , location along with address map .

Furthermore the system also equipped with a mechanism to provide help by means of a automated phone call to the relatives if the information about the patient is already stored in the system.

As a future work , the team members are also working towards storing and accessing patients data dynamically in the public cloud along with security features, to utilize worldwide.

Patent Details :


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Authors Details :

Dr.Ramesh M. Kagalkar

Professor and Dean  R&D Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KLE College of Engineering Technology, Chikodi, Dist.Belagavi, Karnataka, India


Dr. Prasad B. Rampure

Principal and Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, KLE College of Engineering Technology, Chikodi, Dist.Belagavi, Karnataka, India

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