We hereby invite articles and stories on the following themes in the domains of Design Thinking , Computer Science , Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , Deep Learning , Internet of Things , Quantum Computing, statistics and Mathematics:

  1. Project Experience
  2. Learning Experience
  3. About Innovators
  4. About Innovative Products
  5. About Researchers and their Findings
  6. About Startup Company and their products or services
  7. About Well established Software Industry and their products or services
  8. About Entrepreneurs and their success or failure stories
  9. About Academicians and their success stories
  10. About students and their success stories.
  11. Assumptions , Hypotheses and Mythology
  12. Culture and technology
  13. Ethics and Technology
  14. About Popular and Useful Books
  15. About innovative Student Projects
  16. About Innovative Research Projects
  17. About Popular Products in the market
  18. Design Thinking
  19. ……

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Freedom to write about what you Love : You can write and publish freely about specific topics that you enjoy and passionate.

It is a great opportunity for students ,staffs , industry professionals , creative story writer and all those who are willing to share their knowledge , experiences , imaginations , concepts , projects ,etc. with readers all around the world. E-Certificate of appreciation will be issued to all those whose technical stories gets published in the magazine.

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