User is an entity which is responsible in generating a context. Any context associated with the user can also be called as user context. User Context is any information that can describe the situation or circumstance of user in terms of the values of one or more attributes like Personal Identity , Profile, Physical State , Time , Location , Emotional States , Social State , Environmental conditions , Climate Conditions and many more.

The set of attributes considered must be capable to answer one or more of the following questions :

1. Who is he? (Identity) 

2. Where is he? (Location) 

3. When he was? (Time) 

4. What is he doing? (Activity)

5. What is the climate conditions ?

6. In which social activity he is enaged ?

7. What is his role ?

8. How many peoples are surrounded by user and what are their context ?

9. What are the devices available near user?

10.What is the Emotional State of the user?

11. What is the Physical state of the user?

12. What is the interest or priority of the user?


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